Fatman (2020)

Casting Mel Gibson as an embittered, gun-toting Santa Claus might be a little too on-the-nose but it works for the most part in this coal-black (pun intended) action-comedy about an intense, Santa-hating hitman (Walton Goggins, also good) who’s hired by a sociopathic, Richie Rich-type youngster to off Kris Kringle after he receives coal for Christmas. Unfortunately, the final act is unnecessarily over-the-top in its violence and seems to imply that someone responsible for the deaths of many innocent people deserves a punishment no harsher than a stern talking-to. While the holidays are a time of forgiveness, this is taking it a bit too far. With Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Chance Hurstfield. Directed by Eshom and Ian Nelms.

Rating: 3 out of 5.